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Bolt-On Engine Modifications

Bolt-on engine modifications are performance mods that don’t require disassembly of the engine. There are endless options for bolt-on performance improving parts for nearly every application and budget. Below are just a few examples of bolt-on engine mods that we perform regularly at Accelerate Auto Repair. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call and talk with one of our service advisors about the performance mods you’d like to have done. We’re happy to help you decide on the best brands and combination of parts to reach your performance goals.

Larger Diameter Cat-Back Exhaust

If you go a little larger with the exhaust, you end up with a more efficient engine. However, if you go too large in the diameter, you could significantly decrease the engine’s needed backpressure. There’s a fine line that can’t be crossed. Installing a performance exhaust system will typically make for a louder vehicle. Most performance-minded people enjoy the rumble of a performance exhaust system, but do keep this in mind when choosing to replace your exhaust system. Our team can help you choose the best cat-back exhaust system to meet your performance and sound requirements.

Stiffer Engine Mounts

Some vehicles might benefit from high-performance urethane engine mounts. Depending on your vehicle, you could end up with better engine response and handling. However, stiffer mounts mean more engine noise and vibration in the driveline. Again, there’s a fine line between getting more out of your vehicle and doing something that decreases performance or introduces additional wear issues.

Cold Air Intake

One of the easiest ways to make your engine more efficient and to add a bit of horsepower is to replace your stock air intake with a cold air intake. 

Since colder air is denser than hot air and your MAF or MAP senses this, it instructs the computer to increase fuel delivery. Increased fuel and air means increased horsepower. It doesn’t affect the fuel economy so much that you’ll notice it, but it will give you a couple more horsepower.

Bolt-On Engine Modifications air intake added to vehicle at Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett Tx.

Throttle Bodies and Electronic Fuel Injection

You can upgrade your carbureted vehicle to electronic fuel injection. An EFI upgrade is one of the most noticeable bolt-on performance modifications you can make. EFI increases fuel mileage and horsepower, and improves driveability. This is one of the best modifications to make to a vehicle to simply make your driving experience more enjoyable.


While not technically a “bolt-on” modification, programming your engine control module with a performance tune is a great way to free up some horsepower for a relatively low price. There are several software packages on the market for performance programming. We’ll install the one that makes your vehicle perform the best.

Ram Air Intake

A ram air intake introduces a large amount of air into your vehicle’s engine at a higher speed, thus increasing horsepower. The ram air intake uses a straight induction path, preferably with no curves. If it does have a curve for your application, it’s going to be minimal. These work better when you’re going fast as it uses the vehicle’s speed to “ram” the air into the intake.

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