DIY A/C Recharging vs. Professional A/C Repair in Rowlett, TX: Which Should I Choose?

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From home repairs to craft projects, DIY projects are the new trend. However, some projects are better left to the pros. One such project that you shouldn’t take on alone is the recharging of your car’s A/C system

Although DIY kits would lead you to believe it’s a simple job, this isn’t the case. At Accelerate Auto Repair, the last thing we want to see is someone damaging their car accidentally.

As the best car air conditioning repair and installation experts in Rowlett, TX, our mechanics offer a full array of automotive air conditioning services for virtually every make and model. One of the top suggestions we offer our clients is to skip the DIY A/C recharging and leave it to the pros. 

Let’s look at whether you should go with the DIY A/C recharging instead of getting professional A/C maintenance services in Rowlett, TX.

It’s Just a Simple Pull of the Trigger…Right?

If your car aircon is no longer blowing cold air, grabbing an over-the-counter can of A/C refrigerant can seem easy enough. You just connect the dispenser to your car’s A/C low-side service port, pull the trigger, and refill to the correct pressure. 

However, more than a few things can go wrong and end up requiring much expensive repair.

Don’t Overcharge Your System

For starters, using A/C recharge kits will not remove the old refrigerant in the system. That means your car’s aircon will still rely on spent refrigerant. You might inadvertently overcharge the system if you’re not careful, leading to permanent damage and expensive AC repair bills.

Why Is Your Refrigerant Low?

That’s not all. If your car’s air conditioning system is low on refrigerant, it may be because there’s a leak somewhere. At best, a DIY recharge will simply mask the symptoms of a more significant problem, leading to much bigger issues down the line.

Get Professional A/C Repair & Maintenance in Rowlett, TX

When you bring your car to Accelerate Auto Repair, the first step will always be a thorough A/C inspection. This comprehensive procedure is imperative because it allows us to find the exact cause of your A/C troubles. Once we determine the cause, we will remedy it appropriately. 

If it does need to be recharged, our experienced mechanic will find and fix any leaks that may be the root cause of your poor A/C performance. Our mechanic will then drain all the old refrigerant from the system and replace it with a brand-new refrigerant that’s an exact match for your vehicle.

When we refill your system, we’ll do it by weight, not pressure. This is a significant distinction between a professional A/C maintenance service and the DIY approach. It’s important because each vehicle requires a specific total amount of refrigerant.

Measuring by pressure isn’t an accurate way of checking the contents of your car’s A/C system. But it is a surefire way to overfill or underfill your aircon.

Contact Accelerate Auto Repair for Auto A/C Inspection, Repair, and Installation In Rowlett, TX

The bottom line: the DIY approach of recharging your car’s aircon isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

While you might get lucky and squeeze a bit more cold air out of your car’s AC, you’re just as likely to do severe damage to it. Contacting the mechanics at Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett, TX will always be your best choice.

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