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Vehicle Maintenance

Following your vehicle’s manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations is an important part of avoiding breakdowns when you least expect them. When we perform any type of vehicle maintenance on your vehicle, we also check for upcoming issues. Maintenance includes fluid flushes and changes and replacement of other wear items. When it’s time for recommended maintenance on your daily driver, off-road vehicle, performance auto, or antique vehicle, contact Accelerate Auto Repair to schedule an appointment for regular maintenance. Our ASE Certified technicians will perform a complete multi-point vehicle inspection to keep you aware of any repairs that may be needed now or in the future.


Changing the fluids is one of the most important maintenance procedures for your vehicle. Most manufacturers have two separate schedules: One is for normal driving, and the other is for driving in adverse conditions, such as driving on a lot of gravel roads or a lot of mountain driving. Fluids you need to flush and change regularly include:

  • Oil and filter
  • Power steering fluid (flush as recommended, otherwise top off)
  • Transmission fluid and filter (flush as recommended, otherwise change)
  • Brake fluid (flush as recommended)
  • Antifreeze (flush, as recommended based on the type of coolant, recommended, otherwise top off)
  • Gear oil (change as recommended, otherwise check and top off if needed)
Brake Fluid Reservoir, flush as part of vehicle maintenance

When we put the vehicle on the lift to change the oil or transmission fluid, we’ll also look for oil leaks, transmission leaks, gear oil leaks, coolant leaks, power steering fluid leaks, and brake leaks.

Belts and Hoses

A dry-rotted hose or overstretched belt can unexpectedly leave you in a lurch. As part of your vehicle maintenance, we’ll check the belts and hoses to ensure that they are in good condition. While it’s impossible to predict when they’ll fail, we’ll look for dry rot, cracks, collapsed hoses, and belts that are stretched past the throw of the tensioner.


Your vehicle’s tires are  also one of the most important maintenance items. Once a tire’s tread gets too low, you won’t have very good traction in the rain or other inclement weather. Even hitting a small puddle on bald tires can cause hydroplaning and send the vehicle out of control.

The tires also give us clues as to other repairs your vehicle might need. If the tread is wearing unevenly, your tires might be low on air, have too much air, or your suspension or steering could have an issue.

Tire close-up on a truck with a lift kit


Tune-ups have changed considerably as vehicles have become more complex. We can tune-up the old-style ignition systems with various types of distributors, one-coil systems, and coil-on-plug systems. The cost of a tune-up varies widely with the type of engine your vehicle has. The recommended time frame for tune-ups is no longer a basic 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Because of the efficiency of the newer vehicles, plugs now last as long as 100,000 miles. While the cost is higher for the newer engines, you don’t have to do tune-ups quite as often.

Maintenance Checks

Other maintenance checks include brakes, suspension, steering, fuel injection cleaning and checking the heating and air conditioning system. Contact Accelerate Auto Repair at (469) 501-5115 to schedule an appointment for maintenance, including oil changes fluid flushes. We’ll check for leaks and other upcoming issues at the same time.

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