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Audi Repair in Rowlett, TX

When Audi owners need diagnostics, service, and maintenance, they trust Accelerate Auto Repair to provide Audi repair in Rowlett, TX.

Our certified auto technicians have the diagnostic computers and tools needed to work on Audi vehicles. Whether you need an oil change or a mechanic to diagnose a check engine light, you can count on our techs to do it as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality work.

Contact Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett, TX, by calling 469-501-5115 to make an appointment or direct the tow truck to drop off your Audi with us.

Audi Repairs in Rowlett, TX

Audis are a great luxury vehicle—one of the most favored. 

But like any other vehicle, Audis need repairs and regular maintenance, especially for wear-and-tear items. Keeping your Audi in good running condition increases its worth when it’s time to trade it. 

Common Audi repairs in Rowlett, TX include:

  • EGR system
  • Ignition coils and other ignition parts
  • Steering components, including the power steering pump
  • Suspension components, including shocks, struts, and springs
  • Brakes, including master cylinders, brake lines, calipers, pads, and rotors
  • Fuel system components, including injectors and the fuel pump
  • Engine repair
  • Air conditioning and heating, including the air compressor, condenser, high and low-pressure lines, expansion block/orifice tube, drier/accumulator, evaporator, and heater core
  • Cooling system, including fans, thermostat, and radiator
  • Starting and charging, including the alternator, starter, and battery
  • CV axles
  • Timing belts

Most repairs need immediate attention. It is rarely safe to drive the vehicle when something is wrong with the suspension, steering, and other components. Even a problem with the electrical system is something you should fix immediately for your safety.

Audi Maintenance in Rowlett, TX

Maintaining your Audi is something most people think of as a chore. 

But here at Accelerate Auto Repair, we try to make it less of a chore. We try to get you in and out as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality and customer service when you make an appointment. 

In addition to keeping your Audi well-maintained in Rowlett, we also look for other issues, such as fluid leaks, worn suspension parts, belts, hoses, tires, and bad brakes. 

The maintenance we provide on Audis in Rowlett, TX, include:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Lube (where applicable)
  • Tuneup
  • Transmission flushes
  • Power steering fluid flushes
  • Brake fluid flushes
  • Belts and hoses
  • Brake pads
  • Tires
Audi Repair in Rowlett, TX by Accelerate Auto Repair. Image of Audi engine components.

Audi Diagnostics in Rowlett, TX

The electronic control modules (ECM) governing Audi’s engine and other components often last for the life of the vehicle. 

Sensors either send information to the ECM. Or the ECM sends information to the sensors to change timing and fuel. It is these sensors that sometimes fail. 

In other cases, another function might fail. This causes a sensor to send erroneous information to the computer. In any of these circumstances, the ECM turns the engine light on.

When the check engine light comes on, you should have our Audi technicians diagnose and repair the problem as soon as possible. If you ignore it, issues like air/fuel mixture, timing, exhaust, and other systems not working properly could cause additional damage.

In other cases, you don’t have a choice. Either the Audi goes into limp-home mode. This gets you to your destination slowly, or the vehicle won’t start. 

Call us to set up an appointment for Audi repair in Rowlett, TX, if the check engine light comes on.

Contact Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett, TX

Audi service and repair is imperative to keep your vehicle’s value up. Our certified technicians have years of experience working on Audi vehicles, including engine repair and maintenance. 

If you are having trouble with your Audi or just need regular maintenance, contact Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett, TX, at 469-501-5115 for an appointment. 

If you broke down on the road, just direct the tow truck to drop off your Audi at our shop and call us when it’s on the way.

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