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The key to properly repairing a vehicle, regardless of age, is proper diagnostics. An auto technician cannot properly diagnose a vehicle without the appropriate diagnostic equipment. Accelerate Auto Repair has diagnostic tools for all vehicles, including BMW and Mercedes. You won’t have to take your vehicle to the dealership because we have the computers and other diagnostic equipment to assist our technicians in determining what is wrong. The ASE Certified auto technicians at Accelerate Auto Repair have experience in diagnosing all models of vehicles, and are adept at using the diagnostic equipment for all models.

What Kind of Issues Can Misdiagnosis Lead to?

When an auto repair shop misdiagnoses your vehicle, it can cause some big headaches for you as the owner. To start, it often means spending money on repairs that weren’t actually needed, which is frustrating. Additionally, it can mean more time without a working vehicle, which can disrupt your daily routine. Of course, there’s also the concern that the real problem might get worse if it’s not properly identified. But perhaps most important, a misdiagnosis can make you question whether you can trust that repair shop in the future.

Common Types of Diagnoses We Perform

Unlike parts such as brakes and suspension parts, or belts and hoses, you can’t look at a sensor or a computer and tell whether it’s broken. These electronic parts require scan tools to read live data and perform component activations as part of the diagnostic process.

A vehicle has two types of sensors.  The first senses what the vehicle is doing and forwards that information to the computer to determine air to fuel mixture and other functions. The second senses what has already happened and sends a signal to the computer to make adjustments.

For example, a manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor measures the pressure in the manifold. The computer then uses this information to determine how much air is proper for the correct air to fuel mixture.

An oxygen sensor senses the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and lets the computer know that there is too much oxygen (running rich) or too little oxygen (running lean) in the exhaust. The computer uses this information to make adjustments.

In many cases, what is happening sends a code for a malfunctioning oxygen sensor; however, it’s not that the oxygen sensor is not working properly – it’s that the readings are incorrect. The diagnostician must then determine what is causing the incorrect amount of oxygen in the exhaust. It could range from another sensor malfunctioning to something as simple as a plug or a coil not working properly.

Diagnostics machine sitting under the hood of a car


The vehicle’s diagnostic system sends a code to the computer and turns the engine light on to alert the driver when the vehicle has a problem. However, when the computer goes bad, things aren’t that easy to solve..

Since the computer can’t diagnose itself, it’s up to the technician to figure it out. The mechanic will look for signs such as diagnostic codes that are not related or simply don’t make sense. For example, if the coolant temperature sensor is throwing a code, yet the vehicle is not overheating, this is a tip that the computer might be bad. It could also be a problem with the wiring harness. The auto technician will look for other clues that tell him the computer is not working properly. Other signs of a malfunctioning computer include:

Why Choose Us?

At Accelerate Auto Repair, we understand that car problems can be stressful, so we take the time to explain things in simple terms and answer all your questions. Plus, we prioritize honesty and transparency, so you can trust that we’ll only recommend the repairs needed to get you back on the open road. When you entrust your vehicle to us for proper diagnostics, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Advanced technology – We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and tools to accurately identify issues with your vehicle.
  • Efficient service – With our streamlined diagnostic process, we aim to diagnose your vehicle quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime.
  • Preventative maintenance – Our thorough diagnostics may uncover underlying issues before they escalate, potentially saving you money on future repairs.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction – We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to provide a positive experience from diagnosis to repair completion.
  • Expertise – Trusting Accelerate Auto Repair for vehicle diagnostics means knowing your car is in capable hands and will be properly diagnosed.

Let Accelerate Auto Repair Diagnose Your Vehicle

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