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Volkswagen Repair in Rowlett, TX

Accelerate Auto Repair provides quality VW repair in Rowlett, TX. Our experienced ASE Certified technicians can do maintenance under manufacturer standards and with quality VW parts and top-notch service.

Our talented techs are also ready to help you if you want to squeeze a bit more horsepower out of your engine.

Whether you want VW service and repair for your daily driver or you have a VW that you’re hopping up, we at Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett, TX, are ready to help you and get you back on the road in no time.

Volkswagen Repairs in Rowlett, TX

Locally owned and operated, Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett, TX, provides the best VW service and repair for our customers. You’ll always see our auto technicians and support staff with smiles to greet you.

We have the newest technology to diagnose and repair your VW, regardless of which model you have. Some repairs we provide include:

  • Brake pads, rotors, calipers, lines, and master cylinders
  • Air conditioning and heating, including heater cores, air compressors, condensers, evaporators, driers/accumulators, high and low-pressure hoses, and expansion blocks/orifice tubes
  • Computers and sensors
  • CV axles
  • And more

Regardless of what you need for VW repair in Rowlett, TX, our certified VW technicians can do the fix and get you back on the road in no time.

Volkswagen Maintenance in Rowlett, TX

VWs need maintenance to keep them on the road. 

Another benefit of performing regular maintenance is that our techs in Accelerate Auto in Rowlett look for leaks, worn suspension, worn brakes, bad hoses and belts, and other problems. We catch many wear-and-tear items before they can leave you stranded. 

VW maintenance includes:

  • Engine air cleaner changes
  • Cabin air filter changes
  • Tuneups
  • Flush transmission fluid
  • Flush brake fluid
  • Flush power steering fluid
  • Change rear-end fluid (where applicable)
  • Top off refrigerant in the air conditioning system
  • Change fuel filters
Volkswagen Engine; Come to Accelerate Auto Repair for VW and Audi Repair

When we put a vehicle on the lift for VW service and repair, we also check the tires, brakes, oil leaks, power steering leaks, transmission leaks, and brake fluid leaks. We also check the suspension and steering to make sure everything is safe.

Volkswagen Diagnostics in Rowlett, TX

You must have the proper diagnostic equipment to diagnose vehicles today. VWs are no exception. Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett, TX, has the newest technology needed to diagnose your vehicle’s computer systems properly.

VW uses control modules and sensors to get the most out of the engine. Some sensors tell the computer what you are asking for—More fuel? Less fuel? Others?—and tell the computer if something is wrong with the mixture. 

For example, an oxygen sensor senses the amount of unburned fuel in the exhaust. If the exhaust has too much, the mixture is too rich. The oxygen sensor will then turn the check engine light on.

Every VW has several sensors. Like speed control sensors, knock sensors, camshaft sensors, oxygen sensors, manifold absolute pressure sensors, and more. The engine and computer system even use a sensor to tell the fan to cool the radiator and keep the engine from overheating.

As you see, there are many sensors and tons of wiring to make everything work. Locating a problem without the proper VW diagnostic equipment would be a nightmare. 

If the engine light in your VW comes on, just bring your vehicle to Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett for VW service and repair.

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If you drive a VW and want certified VW technicians that will provide top-quality parts and service, bring it to Accelerate Auto in Rowlett. You’ll get friendly customer service and the best VW service and repair available in Rowlett. 

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