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Engine & Transmission Repair

Finding a competent mechanic who has a complete understanding of the engine and transmission system, including the computers that run them, and who is fair and reasonable is often difficult. Your search has ended. When you bring your vehicle into Accelerate Auto Repair for engine & transmission repair, you’ll find friendly and knowledgeable ASE Certified auto technicians.

If you are having trouble with your vehicle’s engine or transmission, contact Accelerate Auto Repair at 469-501-5115 for an appointment to diagnose and repair the problem.

Engine Repair at Accelerate Auto Repair

When your vehicle won’t start or is running rough, there can be many things causing the problem. Our ASE Certified technicians have the diagnostic equipment to help us determine what is wrong with it. Because many of the components are electrical, you usually can’t see if they are bad. You have to rely on the computer to tell you what has gone wrong.

Engine repairs that we perform at Accelerate Auto Repair include:

  • Accessory replacement, including alternators, water pumps, air compressors and power steering pumps
  • Belts and hoses, including heater hoses, both high and low pressure hoses for the power steering and air conditioning, brake lines and hoses, and fuel lines and hoses
  • Sensors and computers, including the electronic control module
  • Plugs, coils, and if applicable, distributors and plug wires
  • Freeze plugs
  • Brackets
  • Intake manifolds
  • Throttle bodies and carburetors
  • Fuel injectors
  • And more

Transmission Repair at Accelerate Auto Repair

If the transmission in your vehicle stops working, you’re not going anywhere. Following the recommended maintenance on the transmission helps prevent failure; however, if you wear out the clutch in a manual transmission, you’re going to need a clutch no matter how carefully you stick to the maintenance schedule.

Automatic transmissions don’t have that type of problem, and if you follow the maintenance schedule and don’t mishandle the transmission, it can last for the life of the vehicle. Both manual and automatic transmissions have “hard parts” that can go bad. It’s rare, but it happens.

If you notice that the transmission isn’t working properly, bring it in sooner rather than later. Depending on the problem, catching it early sometimes reduces the cost of the repairs.

Transmission Parts sitting on a workspace at Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett TX

Custom Engine Work at Accelerate Auto Repair

When you want custom engine work, our ASE Certified technicians can get some extra horsepower for your vehicle. Custom work includes:

  • Adding a cold-air air intake system
  • Swapping out exhaust manifolds for headers
  • Upgrading the fuel injection
  • Installing fuel injection on a carbureted engine
  • Installing blowers and superchargers
  • Swapping out camshafts
  • Installing MSD, Jacobs, or other ignition components
  • Swapping out a timing chain for a Pete Jackson gear drive that whines
  • And, whatever else you can think of to increase horsepower.

Engine and Transmission Repair FAQs

Yes. A transmission can damage an engine. If the transmission is slipping, it can cause the engine to overrev. If you rev the engine past the redline enough times, the engine will eventually give out. 

Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett, TX offers engine repair and transmission repair. Contact our certified engine transmission techs when you first notice a transmission problem so there won’t be any additional damage. We only use quality parts for our transmission repair.

You can tell when you have problems by looking for certain signs. 

The top five signs that you need to repair your transmission include:

  • The vehicle does not shift gears.
  • The transmission fluid is dark and has a burnt smell to it.
  • When you shift gears, you hear a clunking noise.
  • The vehicle revs up before it moves (slipping).
  • The transmission is leaking fluid.

Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett, TX has certified technicians who can repair the transmission. The sooner the problems are fixed, the better. They’ll have less chance of causing additional damage.

Several factors can cause a transmission to malfunction, including operator error. If you beat on the transmission (such as doing burnouts or towing heavy loads in hot weather), you can wear the transmission out sooner rather than later. 

Our certified techs may also install a transmission cooler, depending on the transmission type of your vehicle.

Other causes of transmission failure include:

  • Not changing the transmission fluid and filter as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Shifting into reverse without coming to a complete stop
  • Towing or hauling more than the rated load
  • Not flushing the transmission fluid (It’s not enough to drain it and add a new one.)
  • Allowing the transmission fluid to get low

If you are not comfortable checking the transmission fluid yourself, stop by the shop, and we’ll check it for you. Keeping the fluid topped off and clean means the transmission has the proper lubrication it needs to work properly.

It depends on the reason you need engine repair. Our certified engine transmission technicians will check the engine and let you know whether you need a new engine or if a repair can fix the issue.

The signs of engine trouble vary but could range from running rough to not starting. 

Some signs include:

  • Knocking in the engine compartment
  • Engine not starting
  • Cranking over but not starting
  • Loss of power
  • Black smoke coming from the exhaust
  • White smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Illuminated service engine light

If you notice any of these signs, you might require engine repair. Accelerate Auto Repair can diagnose the issue. We’ll let you know whether you need engine repair, accessory repair (such as water pumps, spark plugs, or fuel injectors), or you need a new engine.

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