5 Performance Upgrades for Your Domestic or Euro Vehicle in Rowlett, TX

5 Performance Upgrades for Your Domestic or Euro Vehicle in Rowlett, Tx with Accelerate Auto Repair, image of lifted vehicle with mechanic woking underneath adding exhaust upgrade

When you want to add more horsepower for more fun, we can add performance upgrades for you. We have upgrades for domestic vehicles, Euro cars, and Asian cars. Depending on how much horsepower you want to add, you can go simple or for the more extensive upgrades.

If you are ready to upgrade your vehicle, contact a performance upgrades mechanic at Accelerate Auto Repair in Rowlett, TX, to discuss what you want and expect out of your car.

5 Performance Upgrades


Cold Air Intake

Adding more air – and cooler air – to the air to fuel ratio increases the available horsepower. Most electronic control modules can adjust for a cold air intake without adding any other hardware or software upgrades, so this is one of the least expensive ways to get a couple more horsepower under the hood.

Performance Software

You can tune your electronic control module to give you more horsepower. You need to add ECU tuning software to your vehicle, and you’ll need a laptop computer to make adjustments. Depending on the software you use, you can improve the parameters for the transmission, engine power, fuel efficiency, and more.

Performance Exhaust

Adding a larger exhaust means more exhaust can get out of the engine. The engine expels the exhaust faster, too. In most cases, you need to change the exhaust manifolds and everything else to the exhaust tips. Adding an H-pipe or an X-pipe in place of the OEM crossover for dual exhaust, high-flow catalytic converters, long-tube headers, and large diameter pipes all help. You should also replace the mufflers. You can get several types, though you need to be mindful of noise ordinances. Flowmaster makes a one-chamber muffler that is quite loud (and sounds beautiful when paired with a domestic V8).

Fuel Injection Upgrades

You can upgrade carbureted engines to electronic fuel injection, and you can upgrade OEM throttle bodies to big-bore throttle bodies. You can even upgrade to multi-port fuel injection. Depending on which way you go and what you start with, the conversion could run from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Ignition Upgrades

Upgrading your vehicle’s ignition also increases horsepower. Two of the more common upgrades include MSD ignition and Jacobs ignition. Our experienced performance upgrade technicians can advise you on the best ignition upgrade for your application.

Contact Accelerate Auto Repair For All Performance Upgrade Needs

If you are ready to add horsepower to your daily driver or upgrade your hotrod so you can win at the track, you can choose from one or several horsepower upgrades. If you are not sure what you should do or want to do, our performance upgrade techs will be more than happy to help you put a plan together.

Contact Accelerate Auto Repair to discuss your horsepower upgrade plans, and which performance upgrades will get you where you need to be. Once you decide what you want, schedule an appointment with the performance upgrade techs at our Rowlett TX auto repair shop to install your chosen performance parts.

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