Why the Whipple Supercharger Whips the Competition

Why the Whipple Supercharger Whips the CompetitionWe’ve all heard the term “supercharger.” However, most people don’t really understand what a supercharger is, how this speedy modification works, or how to find the best supercharger. Fortunately, the mechanic at Accelerate Auto Repair can help. As the leading installers of superchargers and performance modifications in Rowlett TX, we have created a quick guide to the supercharger and a brief explanation of why the Whipple Supercharger is simply in a class of its own. Read on to learn more and don’t hesitate to reach out to Accelerate Auto Repair for custom solutions. 

A Supercharger Simplified 

The supercharger is a general term for an air compressor used to bolster the density of air or pressure entering the engine. In turn, the supercharger delivers more oxygen to burn more fuel, which results in significantly more horsepower. When you attach a supercharger to a normal vehicle, it will perform as if it had a more powerful, larger engine. However, not all types of superchargers are created equally.  

Types of Superchargers

There are three primary types of superchargers. While all of these superchargers compress intake air and force it into the engine at a higher pressure, each one does it in a different way. 

Roots-Type Supercharger

The Roots-type supercharger is the oldest style and is the most common type of supercharger utilized in OE production. The key difference between the Roots-type is it doesn’t compress the air within the supercharger itself. This type of supercharger is more like a pump, and it pumps air into the engine. A few downsides to this supercharger are:

  • It’s the least efficient design.
  • Does require significant space for installation
  • Has a violent throttle response

The Centrifugal Supercharger

Similar to a turbocharger, the centrifugal supercharger has a pulley being driven by a belt from your crankshaft. A turbocharger and centrifugal supercharger deliver a boost in a very similar way. A few downsides to the centrifugal supercharger are:

  • No boost at lower revolutions
  • Not as robust at lower engine speeds
  • Installation can require the removal of several features.

The Twin-Screw Supercharger

The innovative twin-screw supercharger was originally invented back in the 1930s by Mr. Alf Lysholm. Also called the Lysholm supercharger, the twin-screw supercharger was designed to fill the void between the centrifugal supercharger and the Roots-type supercharger. The twin-screw supercharger is an internal compression unit like centrifugal units, yet it resembles the Roots-type as a positive displacement supercharger. As a result, you will enjoy the best of both worlds with the twin-screw supercharger. 

What Are the Best Supercharger Installs in Rowlett TX?

A red whipple superchargerIf you’re looking for the best supercharger installs in Rowlett TX, the team at Accelerate Auto Repair can help. We regularly suggest Whipple supercharger installs. As a twin-screw supercharger, the Whipple delivers an instant boost to give any motor significant increases in power and performance. 

Whether you’re cruising, towing, or racing, the Whipple Supercharger produces the immediate get-up-and-go when you need it. Because the Whipple delivers instant boost, you will enjoy more power throughout the entire RPM range, which isn’t the case with other types of supercharges. A few exclusive benefits of the Whipple Supercharger include:

  • Immediate boost
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Almost silent operation
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Positive displacement design
  • And more

This supercharger is so efficiently effective, Ford Performance is slated to offer a Whipple Supercharger kit for the F-150. This modification will transform the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 from 400 HP up to 700 HP. To put this into perspective, the Ford Performance Whipple Supercharger kit on the F-150 will blaze 0-60 MPH in under five seconds. 

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If you’re in the market for a supercharger, the Whipple is simply in a class of its own. And the mechanic at Accelerate Auto Repair specializes in Whipple Supercharger installs in Rowlett TX. In addition, we offer several other types of superchargers designed to meet virtually any budget. Ready to elevate your performance to the next level? 

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